Donate for our cause

You may be here because you followed a broken link to a page no longer present on our website, or because you want to donate something for our causes.

We are happy to receive donations through various major Cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Donations

Please send Bitcoin (BTC) to the following address: 1PXCyfwmw9V8hzTYEPJEyMWcdVW637m7Vu

Bitcoin Donation

Ethereum Donations

Please send Ethereum (ETH) to the following address: 0x3b014df064988f4ea0e858ac67c25cafede6bf19

Ethereum Donation

Litecoin Donations

Please send Litecoin (LTC) to the following address: LXokCxge78wUNCsFGqVwsqRLRXL4frMLhk

Litecoin Donation

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