The Answer to Global Issues is international Cooperation

International Answer aims to promote international cooperation to address global issues such as war, poverty, racism, inequality and climate change.

We believe individual countries cannot cope by themselves with global problems. This is why an international answer is the real solution to all major global issues.

The Issues of the 21st Century

War - Armed conflict continues to be one of the main causes for human suffering in many parts of the world. Since war is a heinous problem created by humans, it is our duty to cooperate and fight to stop war wherever it may be.

Poverty - Billions of people around the world continue to live in abject poverty despite the huge technological achievements of humankind. We believe strong international cooperation and free trade can help reduce poverty much faster that it happens at the current rate.

Racism - While not as prevalent as in the 20th century, racism continues to affect millions of people around the world and can also be a source of armed conflict in certain circumstances. We believe international efforts to address the problem of racism through education are the way forward to reducing this odious phenomenon.

Inequality - The huge wealth gap between richer and poorer regions of the world is a continuous source of instability, war, disease and migration. In order for the planet to prosper as a whole, there is a strong need for international cooperation targeted at reducing the wealth inequality between nations and regions. We believe the promotion of free trade and foreign investment are the most transparent and efficient ways to reduce inequality in a sustainable way.

Climate change - This is one of the most pressing problems of humankind that requires global cooperation. It is impossible for individual countries to address the causes of climate change alone, since pollution, deforestation and carbon emissions everywhere on the planet affect the climate.

The solution to all the above mentioned problems is an INTERNATIONAL ANSWER.

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